Force of Nature | Art Pavilion, London

From the beginning of human history, and in every culture, nature has played a vital role in creative expression. Force of Nature, curated by James Putnam, Research Fellow at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, will include work by 28 established and emerging international contemporary artists, surveying the influence of nature and its processes on their work.

Nature is constantly in a state of change, and the artists’ awareness and sensitivity to this change is crucial to the creation of their work which will be site-specific, monumental or ephemeral.

Movement, light, birth, growth, ageing, decay and rebirth are among the energies or ‘forces’ that artists strive to capture. Using a diverse range of media including organic materials, they are continually searching and synthesizing new ways to redefine our relationship with nature. The work from these artists will be evocative, provocative or sublime, with some conveying an urgent environmental message.

This exhibition aims to redress the common misconception that nature is an autonomous entity that exists independent from the human race. Humans are very much part of nature and the artist’s observation and understanding of this theme hopes to understand not only nature, but of the human condition within nature.

  • Maddalena Ambrosio | Lucy & Jorge Orta | Alice Anderson | Peter Randall- Page | Ruben Brulat | Comeron Robbins | Felix de Bousies | Tim Shaw | Adeline de Monseignat | Yukon Teruya | Susan Derges | Koen Vanmechelen | Nancy Fouts | Andy Goldsworthy | James P Graham | Richard WM Hudson | Kang Hee Joon | Mark Karasick | Iyvone Khoo | Ayca Koseogullari | Antii Laitinen | Janet Laurenece | Richard Long | Alastair Mackie | Kate MccGwire | David Nash | Douglas White
  • James Putnam
  • The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, Clinton Road, London E3 4QY