A Moon for My Father | Mania Akbari & Douglas White | 75 min


Mania Akbari collaborates with British sculptor Douglas White to coin a tender fusion of language, where a meeting of cinema and sculpture investigates the processes of physical and psychological destruction and renewal. Begun a matter of weeks after first meeting, the film charts a deepening artistic and personal relationship exploring the nature of skin, family, death, water, desire and, throughout, a powerful will to form.

Akbari looks into the connection between her body and the political history of Iran, investigating the relationship between her own physical traumas and the collective political memory of her birthplace. Remembrance and re-construction provide a course, as she undergoes various surgeries on a body decimated by cancer. Her body’s history engages in a conversation of how bodies are traumatised, censored and politicized, and yet ultimately remain a site of possibility.

"This is a deeply intimate, personal and moving work...a form of digressive-poetic cinema, connecting images and ideas in a dream-associative logic."

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian