Infinite Village | Manifesta 13 | Marseille

The Infinite Village is a social, collective and architectural sculpture that invites the experimentation of a “common”. This artistic, participative and educational platform will occupy the cities of Marseille and Nice in various forms (installations, performances, workshops, conferences and projection) offering plural activities to share with local residents, international guests, associations and the public. This European and International entity is shaping a new common and humanist future.

Following a Marseille’s “chapter” at Espace Jouenne and Maison Montgrand (Aug.28th – Oct 4th) the Infinite Village, occupies the 109‘s courtyard, a pole of contemporary culture in Nice.

  • 28 August - 29 November 2020
  • Cora Von Zeschwitz & Tilman | Michelangelo Pistoletto | Lucy & Jorge Orta | Ilya & Emilia Kabakov | Shezad Dawood | Lyn Nekorimate | Petroc Sesti | Douglas White
  • Francisca Viudes (founder of The (He)art for (He)art Program in Nice) and Cora Von Zeschwitz & Tilman
  • Espace Jouenne, Rue Montgrand, Marseille
  • Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 7pm